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Jubilee Close, Selby

Starfish worked alongside Selby District Housing Trust, in order to deliver 5 new homes in Riccall, Selby.

• Starfish Group was commissioned by Selby District Housing Trust to build 5 new sustainable and affordable homes in Riccall, Selby.
• The site just off Landing Lane was previously an under-utilised garage site, repurposed in order to cater for this specific sustainable housing need.
• Works commenced in February 2018 and the homes were completed in September 2018.

• To build 5 new sustainable homes to cater for the housing need in Selby.
• To engage the tight-knit local community with the development and to create excitement in the village with the completion of new homes for the local people.

• 5 new two-bedroom homes, delivered with zero defects at handover, to budget and on-time.
• To engage the local community with a "Name The Street" competition with the local primary school. The new street adopted the name "Jubilee Close", which was chosen by Nicola Rodwell, aged 10. This contribution was rewarded with a prize at the handover event which was hosted to celebrate the completion of the new homes.
• Homes were handed over at the event in September 2018 with a great response from all stakeholders.

Martin Gerrelli, CEO of Starfish Group

“From concept through to completion, the scheme has been a benchmark to repurpose under-utilised land into sustainable housing. The scheme has delivered on all principles of the Social Value Act 2012 by providing warm and safe homes for families while supporting a local housing need."

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From the start of the project, through to completion, Starfish carried out their duties diligently and efficiently concluding with an excellent finished product. The project had its challenges, not least the constraints of the working area and means of access. The Contracts Manager, Craig Simpson and the Site Manager, Adam Cook, both actively became engaged in the project and their efforts ensured that all issues were resolved and works progressed, and were completed on time, to specification and within budget.

Jay Patel, Framework Manager, Efficiency North