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Using our collective and varied experience Starfish Group are helping our partners deliver affordable, high quality homes, which meet the latest environmental standards and contribute towards attractive, sustainable communities. Innovation, Quality Design, Excellence in Construction, Community Care and Partnerships are our five main focuses when we deliver our new build housing promise.

  • Innovation: Working with a number of our Registered Provider and Local Authority partners, faced with changes to welfare reform we have been able to develop more suitable properties on smaller sites within a value for money framework.
  • Quality Design: Drawing upon our in-house skills and experience and working closely with high quality design partners, we are able to take the aspirations of our clients and transform them into deliverable schemes that meet the requirements of all stakeholders such as Registered Providers, Local Authorities, planners and future residents.
  • Excellence in Construction: Our experienced construction team work only with high quality, trusted and approved subcontractors and suppliers who reliably deliver quality packages time after time. Our partner subcontractors are involved from the design stage to ensure that our new homes are built right first time, every time.
  • Customer Care: Our customers are very important to us. We aim to offer exceptional customer service by continuing to set ambitious targets for quality that exceeds customer expectations. We intend to hand over defect free properties and offer dedicated teams to help residents move into and become familiar with their new homes.
  • Partnerships: We are fiercely committed to creating innovative new build partnerships where we generate surpluses from building homes for sale and reinvesting into affordable homes for rent.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you in the construction of new homes to deliver our mission of “creating better business, homes and communities”.

Want to Learn More?

For more information regarding Starfish Group’s latest new home developments, energy efficient solutions or funding opportunities, use the contact form below and one of our advisors will be in touch to help answer your queries.

Starfish Build Process

Starfish has worked well with us to deliver 11 new timber frame properties that have helped transform this small infill site and helped integrate this space back into the wider estate. The residents have moved in and are enjoying their new homes which are a welcome addition to the area and provide additional much needed affordable housing. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Starfish again in the future.

Andrew Williamson