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Retrofitted Energy Efficient Homes


Cavity insulation

We provide a comprehensive and accredited cavity insulation programme to ensure that heat loss through wall is diminished. We are also able to replace failing cavity wall insulation with either more effective insulation material or in flood areas a hybrid flood resistant material. All options can be subsidised with funding.


External wall insulation

We provide a comprehensive and accredited external wall insulation programme to ensure that solid walls can have heat loss performance in line with current building regulations. We can provide a range of funding solutions to enhance the affordability to customers. Additionally, we can provide a range of finishes including brick slip, brick effect render, dash or smooth render in a range of colours depending upon the specific needs of customers.


Loft insulation

We provide a comprehensive and accredited loft insulation programme to ensure that heat loss through the roof is diminished. We also provide funding to reduce the cost of installation and improve customer affordability.


Solar thermal

We provide a comprehensive solar thermal surveying and installation service by installing thermal panels onto your roof and unvented hot water storage into your home. The system helps to harness the suns energy and converts into hot water which ultimately generates renewable heat incentive surpluses, lowers energy usage, reduces energy bills and is good for the environment too.


Solar PV systems

We provide a comprehensive solar PV surveying and installation service to make your home more energy efficient by helping you to cultivate your own electricity. Solar radiation is absorbed by the solar panel into DC electricity and converted to the usable AC form via an inverter. We also install an accredited meter to allow you to keep on track with the amount of kilowatt energy you are producing which can be used in your home with a feed in tariff subsidy or transferred back to the grid with an export tariff. We can also provide battery storage should that be required which is especially useful in times of grid deficiency.



We provide a comprehensive and accredited boiler installation programme, which can be undertaken as part of a wider heating system installation (including temperature controllers) or independently to reduce heating/ hot water costs and reduce carbon usage. We have historically drawn down a number of funding options to reduce the cost of installation.


Temperature controllers

We install temperature controllers into homes to allow for zonal heating control in each room. This helps to control the temperature in each roo m which ultimately creates a more comfortable envir onment, reduces costs and is good for the environment.


Windows/ doors

We provide and comprehensive and accredited windows and doors installation services. This offer can be provided independently or as part of a wider home improvement solution.

We have also installed significant numbers of flood resilient measures including flood doors, flood barriers, non- return valves, water resistant wall coverings and other items.

Starfish Group and our partners at Caribou ( are committed to helping customers to reduce the energy demand of their homes by retrofitted installation of home insulation, efficient heating systems and renewable technologies. Through a mixture of customer contribution and subsidy* we are able to supply a seamless at scale installation service to deliver a multi tenure energy efficiency solution for registered providers, private landlords and owner occupiers. To find out more about how we increase home energy efficiency and deliver specific measures please refer to the links on this page.

*Subsidy is provided where applicable at the levels available at the point of contracting with our customers.

Want to Learn More?

For more information regarding Starfish Group’s latest new home developments, energy efficient solutions or funding opportunities, use the contact form below and one of our advisors will be in touch to help answer your queries.

Starfish Energy Efficiency

A standard assessment procedure (SAP) rating is the calculation that is required in order to produce a predicted energy assessment and an on construction energy performance certificate for homes. Building Regulations require that a SAP calculation and a Predicted EPC is submitted for new dwellings prior to the commencement of work. A SAP rating is also required to be displayed when an existing home is sold and the impact of the SAP score influences home sales.

The reason for this is UK has the most diverse housing stock in the world and given that energy costs are significantly rising due to wholesale prices and infrastructural upgrade requirements more work is needed to support improving the energy efficiency of homes. Also given that the lower the SAP rating the higher the levels of heat loss, energy efficiency intervention is not only good for raising the SAP rating of homes- it is also good for the environment and saves you money.

Starfish Group and our partners from Caribou ( deliver a wide range of energy efficiency measures to enhance the SAP performance of new and existing homes and put more money in your pockets. Therefore, please refer to our website for more information.

Starfish has recently completed 31 affordable homes for Yorkshire Housing. Teamwork between the Starfish site team has contributed to providing an exemplary scheme where people are proud to live and call home. Starfish continue to show their commitment to customer service and quality during the first 12 months’ post-handover. We look forward to working with them again.

Diana Dickinson